Working Drawings


ChapterSign No.NameThumb.pdf.dwg
Chapter 4F 200ParkingF 200
Chapter 4F 201Parking AheadF 201
Chapter 4F 202Parking DirectionF 202
Chapter 4F 203Parking Advance DirectionF 203
Chapter 4F 204Disabled Persons’ Parking BayF 204
Chapter 4F 205Bus ParkingF 205
Chapter 4F 206Cycle ParkingF 206
Chapter 4F 207Park and Ride DirectionF 207
Chapter 4F 208Park and Ride Advance DirectionF 208
Chapter 4F 210HospitalF 210
Chapter 4F 211Hospital AheadF 211
Chapter 4F 212Hospital DirectionF 212
Chapter 4F 213Hospital Advance DirectionF 213
Chapter 4F 220AirportF 220
Chapter 4F 222Airport DirectionF 222
Chapter 4F 223Airport Advance DirectionF 223
Chapter 4F 232Station DirectionF 232
Chapter 4F 233Station Advance DirectionF 233
Chapter 4F 242Ferry Terminal DirectionF 242
Chapter 4F 243Ferry Terminal Advance DirectionF 243
Chapter 4F 252Industrial Estate DirectionF 252
Chapter 4F 253Industrial Estate Advance DirectionF 253
Chapter 4F 260Garda StationF 260
Chapter 4F 261Garda OnlyF 261
Chapter 4F 270Community Text AlertF 270
Chapter 4F 271Community Text Alert (Irish)F 271
Chapter 4F 301Additional Lane Joining From Left (2 to 3)
F 301
Chapter 4F 302Additional Lane Joining From Left (3 to 4)
F 302
Chapter 4F 303Additional Lanes Joining From Right (2 to 3)
F 303
Chapter 4F 304Additional Lanes Joining From Right (3 to 4)
F 304
Chapter 4F 305Additional Lanes Joining From Left – Left Joining Lane Continues (2 to 3)
F 305
Chapter 4F 306Additional Lanes Joining From Left – Left Joining Lane Continues (3 to 4)
F 306
Chapter 4F 307Additional Lanes Joining From Right – Left Joining Lane Continues (2 to 3)
F 307
Chapter 4F 308Additional Lanes Joining From Right – Left Joining Lane Continues (3 to 4)
F 308
Chapter 4F 309Additional Lanes Joining From Left – Right Joining Lane Continues (2 to 3)
F 309
Chapter 4F 310Additional Lanes Joining From Left – Right Joining Lane Continues (3 to 4)
F 310
Chapter 4F 311Additional Lanes Joining From Right – Right Joining Lane Continues (2 to 3)
F 311
Chapter 4F 312Additional Lanes Joining From Right – Right Joining Lane Continues (3 to 4)
F 312
Chapter 4F 313Lane Gain Between Junctions (2 to 3)
F 313
Chapter 4F 314Lane Gain Between Junctions (3 to 4)
F 314
Chapter 4F 322Lane Diverge (Two Lanes)F 322
Chapter 4F 323Lane Diverge (Three Lanes)F 323
Chapter 4F 324Lane Diverge (Four Lanes)F 324
Chapter 4F 330Start of MotorwayF 330
Chapter 4F 331Motorway Regulations AheadF 331
Chapter 4F 332Motorway AheadF 332
Chapter 4F 333End of MotorwayF 333
Chapter 4F 334End of Motorway AheadF 334
Chapter 4F 340Countdown MarkerF 340
Chapter 4F 350Cul-de-sacF 350
Chapter 4F 400Metric Speed Limit InformationF 400
Chapter 4F 401Speed Limit AheadF 401
Chapter 4F 402Speed Camera AheadF 402
Chapter 4F 403Slow ZoneF 403
Chapter 4F 360Start of Nearside With-Flow Bus LaneF 360
Chapter 4F 361Start of Offside With-Flow Bus LaneF 361
Chapter 4F 500High Vehicle ADS (Straight Ahead)F 500
Chapter 4F 501High Vehicle ADS (Left or Right)F 501
Chapter 4F 502High Vehicle DirectionF 502
Chapter 4F 510Heavy Vehicle ADS (Straight Ahead)F 510
Chapter 4F 511Heavy Vehicle ADS (Left or Right)F 511
Chapter 4F 512Heavy Vehicle DirectionF 512
Chapter 4F 700Toll Road AheadF 700
Chapter 4F 701Toll Plaza AheadF 701
Chapter 4F 800Tunnel Name and LengthF 800
Chapter 4F 801Turn Headlights OnF 801
Chapter 4F 802Tunnel Radio StationsF 802
Chapter 4F 803Emergency (Tunnel) Lay-byF 803
Chapter 4F 804Fire Extinguisher and TelephoneF 804
Chapter 4F 805Fire Extinguisher, Telephone and Lay-byF 805
Chapter 4F 806Emergency StationF 806
Chapter 4F 807Pedestrian ExitF 807
Chapter 4F 901LRT InformationF 901
Chapter 4F 902Junction Definition PostF 902
Chapter 4F 903Turn BackF 903
Chapter 4F 904Authorised Vehicles OnlyF 904
Chapter 4P 002LengthP 002
Chapter 4P 040Reduce Speed NowP 040
Chapter 4P 041LRT InformationP 041
Chapter 4P 042Cycle Network ArrowP 042
Chapter 4P 051Periods of OperationP 051
Chapter 4P 055Pedestrian ZoneP 055
Chapter 4P 057Time LimitP 057
Chapter 4P 060Oncoming TrafficP 060
Chapter 4P 063Traffic Calming AheadP 063
Chapter 4T 100Tourist DirectionT 100
Chapter 4T 101Information in Lay-byT 101
Chapter 4T 102Information in Lay-by AheadT 102
Chapter 4T 103Pedestrian Route to Car ParkT 103
Chapter 4T 104Route ContinuityT 104
Chapter 4T 105Tour ContinuityT 105
Chapter 5RUS 001Keep LeftRUS 001
Chapter 5RUS 002Keep RightRUS 002
Chapter 5RUS 003Pass Either SideRUS 003
Chapter 5RUS 004Keep Straight AheadRUS 004
Chapter 5RUS 005Turn RightRUS 005
Chapter 5RUS 006Turn LeftRUS 006
Chapter 5RUS 007Turn Left AheadRUS 007
Chapter 5RUS 008Turn Right AheadRUS 008
Chapter 5RUS 009Cycles OnlyRUS 009

Chapter 5RUS 010ClearwayRUS 010
Chapter 5RUS 011No Straight AheadRUS 011
Chapter 5RUS 012No Right TurnRUS 012
Chapter 5RUS 013No Left TurnRUS 013
Chapter 5RUS 014No OvertakingRUS 014
Chapter 5RUS 015Maximum Gross Weight (Traffic Management)RUS 015
Chapter 5RUS 016Height RestrictionRUS 016
Chapter 5RUS 017No U-TurnRUS 017
Chapter 5RUS 018Parking PermittedRUS 018
Chapter 5RUS 019No ParkingRUS 019
Chapter 5RUS 020Taxi StandRUS 020
Chapter 5RUS 021Pedestrianised StreetRUS 021
Chapter 5RUS 026Yield/Géill SlíRUS 026
Chapter 5RUS 027StopRUS 027
Chapter 5RUS 028With-Flow Nearside Bus LaneRUS 028
Chapter 5RUS 029With-Flow Offside Bus LaneRUS 029
Chapter 5RUS 030Contra-Flow Bus LaneRUS 030
Chapter 5RUS 031Bus StopRUS 031
Chapter 5RUS 032School WardenRUS 032
Chapter 5RUS 033LRT Speed LimitRUS 033
Chapter 5RUS 034LRT StopRUS 034
Chapter 5RUS 035LRT YieldRUS 035
Chapter 5RUS 036Nearside Tram LaneRUS 036
Chapter 5RUS 037Offside Tram LaneRUS 037
Chapter 5RUS 038No Pedestrians (for Tramway use only)RUS 038
Chapter 5RUS 039Speed Limit – 120km/hRUS 039
Chapter 5RUS 040Speed Limit – 100km/hRUS 040
Chapter 5RUS 041Speed Limit – 80km/hRUS 041
Chapter 5RUS 041ARural Speed LimitRUS 041A
Chapter 5RUS 042Speed Limit – 60km/hRUS 042
Chapter 5RUS 043Speed Limit – 50km/hRUS 043
Chapter 5RUS 044Speed Limit – 30km/hRUS 044
Chapter 5RUS 045Periodic Speed LimitRUS 045
Chapter 5RUS 046Prohibited Number of AxlesRUS 046
Chapter 5RUS 047Prohibited Axles in Right Hand LaneRUS 047
Chapter 5RUS 049Mini-RoundaboutRUS 049
Chapter 5RUS 050No EntryRUS 050
Chapter 5RUS 051Maximum Vehicle LengthRUS 051
Chapter 5RUS 052Maximum Vehicle WidthRUS 052
Chapter 5RUS 053Maximum Gross Weight (Safety)RUS 053
Chapter 5RUS 054Maximum Axle WeightRUS 054
Chapter 5RUS 055No CyclesRUS 055
Chapter 5RUS 056No AnimalsRUS 056
Chapter 5RUS 057No Horse and CartRUS 057
Chapter 5RUS 058Shared Track for Pedal Cycles and PedestriansRUS 058
Chapter 5RUS 058CLSegregated Pedal Cycle and Pedestrian Route (Cycle Track on Left)RUS 058CL
Chapter 5RUS 058CRSegregated Pedal Cycle and Pedestrian Route (Cycle Track on Right)RUS 058CR
Chapter 5RUS 059Contra-Flow Cycle LaneRUS 059
Chapter 5RUS 060STOP (Manual control)RUS 060
Chapter 5RUS 061GO/Teigh (Manual control)RUS 061
Chapter 5RUS 062No Vehicles Carrying ExplosivesRUS 062
Chapter 5RUS 063Restriction on Parking – Specified EventsRUS 063
Chapter 5RUS 064Speed Limit – 40km/hRUS 064
Chapter 5F 204Disabled Persons’ ParkingF 204K/S
Chapter 5F 360Start Of Nearside With-Flow Bus LaneF 360
Chapter 5F 361Start Of Offside With-Flow Bus LaneF 361
Chapter 5P 001DistanceP 001
Chapter 5P 002LengthP 002
Chapter 5P 010EndP 010
Chapter 5P 050ExceptionsP 050 (10 Sheets) (10 Sheets)
Chapter 5P 051Periods of OperationP 051
Chapter 5P 052Pedestrian ZoneP 052
Chapter 5P 053ParkingP 053 (4 Sheets)
Chapter 5P 054km/hP 054
Chapter 5P 05524-Hour OperationP 055
Chapter 5P 056Zonal No ParkingP 056 (2 Sheets)
Chapter 5P 057Time LimitP 057
Chapter 5P 080Slow /Go MallP 080
Chapter 6W 001CrossroadsW 001
Chapter 6W 002Side RoadW 002L (L)
Chapter 6W 003T-junction (Type 1)W 003R (L)
Chapter 6W 004T-junction (Type 2)W 004R (L)
Chapter 6W 005Y-junctionW 005R (L)
Chapter 6W 006Crossroads at Sharp CornerW 006R (L)
Chapter 6W 007Staggered JunctionsW 007LR (LR)
Chapter 6W 008Two Junctions on Same SideW 008R (L)
Chapter 6W 009Side Road on Outside of BendW 009R (L)
Chapter 6W 010Side Road on Inside of BendW 010R (L)
Chapter 6W 011Crossroads on BendW 011R (L)
Chapter 6W 012Side Road on Dual Carriageway (With Central Reserve Break)W 012R (L)
Chapter 6W 013Side Road on Dual Carriageway (No Central Reserve Break)W 013
Chapter 6W 014Crossroads on Dual CarriagewayW 014
Chapter 6W 015Crossroads (Major Road) AheadW 015
Chapter 6W 016T-junction (Major Road) AheadW 016
Chapter 6W 017Staggered Crossroads AheadW 017R (L)
Chapter 6W 018Junction With Major Road at Sharp CornerW 018R (L)
Chapter 6W 019Crossroads Ahead at Dual CarriagewayW 019
Chapter 6W 020T-junction Ahead at Dual Carriageway (With Central Reserve Break)W 020
Chapter 6W 021Staggered Crossroads Ahead at Dual CarriagewayW 021R (L)
Chapter 6W 022T-junction Ahead at Dual Carriageway (No Central Reserve Break)W 022
Chapter 6W 030Merging Traffic From LeftW 030
Chapter 6W 031Merging With Traffic on RightW 031
Chapter 6W 032Merging and Diverging TrafficW 032
Chapter 6W 033LoopW 033
Chapter 6W 040Stop AheadW 040
Chapter 6W 041Yield AheadW 041
Chapter 6W 042Traffic SignalsW 042
Chapter 6W 043Roundabout AheadW 043
Chapter 6W 044Mini-roundabout AheadW 044
Chapter 6W 050Sharp CornerW 050R (L)
Chapter 6W 051Sharp BendW 051R (L)
Chapter 6W 052Series of Sharp CornersW 052R (L)
Chapter 6W 053Series of Sharp BendsW 053R (L)
Chapter 6W 061Single ChevronW 061R (L)
Chapter 6W 062Multiple Chevrons (Two)W 062R (L)
Chapter 6W 063Multiple Chevrons (Three)W 063L (L)
Chapter 6W 070Road Narrows on One SideW 070R (L)
Chapter 6W 071Road Narrows on Both SidesW 071
Chapter 6W 080Two-way TrafficW 080
Chapter 6W 081Two-way Traffic CrossingW 081
Chapter 6W 082Three Lanes of Traffic (Two With, One Against)W 082
Chapter 6W 083Three Lanes of Traffic (One With, Two Against)W 083
Chapter 6W 091Lane Loss (Two to One Lane)W 091R (L)
Chapter 6W 092Lane Loss (Three to Two Lanes)W 092L (L)
Chapter 6W 093Lane Loss (Four to Three Lanes)W 093L (L)
Chapter 6W 094Road DividesW 094
Chapter 6W 095Dual Carriageway EndsW 095
Chapter 6W 100Start of Passing LaneW 100
Chapter 6W 101One-Lane SectionW 101
Chapter 6W 102Two-Lane SectionW 102
Chapter 6W 103Start of Climbing laneW 103
Chapter 6W 105Steep DescentW 105
Chapter 6W 106Steep AscentW 106
Chapter 6W 110Restricted HeadroomW 110
Chapter 6W 111Overhead Electrical CablesW 111
Chapter 6W 112Maximum Vehicle LengthW 112
Chapter 6W 113Maximum Vehicle WidthW 113
Chapter 6W 114Maximum Gross Weight (Traffic Management)W 114 (7.5t)
Chapter 6W 115Maximum Gross Weight (Safety)W 115
Chapter 6W 116Maximum Axle WeightW 116
Chapter 6W 117Prohibited Number of AxlesW 117
Chapter 6W 120Level Crossing With Flashing Red SignalsW 120
Chapter 6W 121Level Crossing with No Flashing Red Signal (with Barriers or Gates)W 121
Chapter 6W 122Level Crossing Countdown MarkerW 122.2R (All Variants) (All Variants)
Chapter 6W 123Risk of GroundingW 123
Chapter 6W 124Tram CrossingW 124
Chapter 6W 125Tram Advisory SpeedW 125
Chapter 6W 130Road HumpW 130
Chapter 6W 131Road DepressionW 131
Chapter 6W 132Humpback BridgeW 132
Chapter 6W 133Uneven RoadW 133
Chapter 6W 134Slippery RoadW 134
Chapter 6W 135Soft VergeW 135
Chapter 6W 140PedestriansW 140
Chapter 6W 141School AheadW 141
Chapter 6W 142Children CrossingW 142
Chapter 6W 143CyclistsW 143
Chapter 6W 144Slippery for CyclistsW 144
Chapter 6W 150Accompanied HorsesW 150
Chapter 6W 151Cattle or Farm AnimalsW 151
Chapter 6W 152SheepW 152
Chapter 6W 153Deer or Wild AnimalsW 153
Chapter 6W 160Unprotected WaterW 160
Chapter 6W 161FordW 161
Chapter 6W 162TunnelW 162
Chapter 6W 163Queues LikelyW 163
Chapter 6W 164Falling RocksW 164
Chapter 6W 165Low-flying AircraftW 165
Chapter 6W 166CrosswindW 166
Chapter 6W 167Opening BridgeW 167
Chapter 6W 168TractorsW 168
Chapter 6W 169Drive on Left
(entry point)
W 169
Chapter 6W 169aDrive on Left (repeater)w169a
Chapter 6W 170Other HazardW 170
Chapter 6W 181Nosing MarkerW 181G
Chapter 6W 183Barrier Board (Three Bars)W 183
Chapter 6W 184Barrier Board (Four Bars)W 184
Chapter 6W 185Barrier Board (Five Bars)W 185
Chapter 6P 001DistanceP 001
Chapter 6P 002LengthP 002
Chapter 6P 003DirectionP 003R
Chapter 6P 004Direction and DistanceP 004L
Chapter 6P 005Both WaysP 005
Chapter 6P 011Cautionary SpeedP 011
Chapter 6P 040Reduce Speed NowP 040
Chapter 6P 060Oncoming Traffic in Middle of RoadP 060
Chapter 6P 061Another Train ComingP 061
Chapter 6P 062Long Low VehiclesP 062
Chapter 6P 063Traffic Calming AheadP 063
Chapter 6P 064Tram TracksP 064
Chapter 6P 065Oil SpillP 065 (12 Sheets) (12 Sheets)
Chapter 6P 066IceP 066
Chapter 6P 067Safe HeadroomP 067
Chapter 6P 068Turn Engine Off When StoppedP 068
Chapter 6P 069HazardP 069
Chapter 6P 070Hazard – Direction and DistanceP 070 (12 Sheets) (12 Sheets)